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RS Taichi RSS013 Drymaster Arrow Shoes
Price RM780.00
Product SKU rstaichi-rss013-arrow
Size (L x W x H) 26 cm x 12 cm x 5 cm
Availability 14
Product information

Waterproof riding shoes with a distinctive sole shape that are easy to match with both sporty and casual styles.

The inside of the upper uses TAICHI's original waterproof and breathable material "Dry Master", making it suitable for use in all weather conditions.
The lightweight sole makes it easy to walk on, and when riding, the outwardly protruding sole and protectors placed inside and outside the shoe reduce the impact on your feet.
Adopts the BOA® Fit System, which makes it easy to put on and take off and provides an excellent fit.

・Waterproof and breathable
・Inner protector (heel, ankle, toe)
・Outer protector (heel, ankle)
・Original design sole

Product details

Safe even in rainy weather

Adopts TAICHI's original waterproof and breathable material "Dry Master". Compatible with use in all weather conditions.

soften the impact

The large heel protector and sole have volume and extend outward to create a structure that prevents the impact of falls from being transmitted directly to the feet.

Place shift guard

A shift guard is placed in the area where the left foot's shift pedal hits, reducing damage to the shoe itself and pain in the toes caused by repeated shift changes.

Built-in protector

Inner protectors placed on the toes and heels minimize damage to the body.

Reduce stress when walking

The high-cut design prevents the shoes from falling off even in the event of a fall, and the split construction at the opening makes it easy to walk while still tightening the ankle appropriately. The lightweight sole reduces fatigue when walking

BOA® Fit System for quick on and off

Adopts the BOA® fit system that allows for easy and speedy putting on and taking off, even when wearing gloves, and a superior fit by operating a dial.

Consideration is also given to safety at night

Equipped with reflective materials in various places to help you stand out from surrounding vehicles when driving at night.
To avoid accidentally cutting the BOA wire, remove the ball chain from the product tag by hand.

How to operate the BOA® Fit System

When putting on the shoes , first pull the BOA dial horizontally to release the lock and loosen the wire.

Once you put your foot in, push in the BOA dial to lock it and turn the dial to adjust the tightness. When taking off your shoes, pull out the BOA dial and loosen the wire as in Step 1.

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