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  • Full synthetic on/offroad chain lube
  • Synthetic spray lubricant with excellent adhesiveness for motorcycle chains with or without O-rings and other open transmission systems, including those who work at high temperatures, under extreme tension and dirt
  • Excellent load capacity, anti-wear and anti-corrosion agents
  • Exceptional anti-friction property improves the adherence of the product to the chain without flying off
  • Water repellent
  • The Moto Formula 4T 10W40 is a mineral type lubricant oil while the Moto Formula Premium 4T 10W40 is a semi-synthetic type lubricant oil.
  • Premium Multigrade Oil for Consumers Blended locally under strict Repsol supervision and quality control
  • Delivery in Semenanjung Malaysia Only


  •  Protect engine and transmission from excessive wear and deposits.
  •  Protect gearbox against pitting and wear.
  •  Protect clutch against slippage and grab.
  •  Provide excellent lubrication at all driving conditions.
  • Delivery in Semenanjung Malaysia Only
  • Results tested on high performance 4-stroke engines in extreme conditions. • Perfect control of clutch disc sliding and protection of the gearbox in joint engine and wet clutch lubrication systems.
  • The base oils and additives used minimise wear, thereby increasing engine life.
  • Excellent thermal stability that enables less oil deterioration and increases engine efficiency.
  • Minimum oil consumption thanks to the reduced volatility of the components used in the formulation. Quality levels
  • API SM • JASO T 903:2006 MA2
  • Delivery in Semenanjung Malaysia Only